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  • The original Nally MegaBin is manufactured by Viscount Plastics (Australia) Pty Ltd at their Minto plant N.S.W.

  • It has been specially designed for fruit and vegetable movement with rounded plastic corners and smooth interior surfaces resulting in less bruising to your produce

  • The vented megabin provides airflow

  • Plastic manufacturing addresses important food-safety issues such as the necessity for easy cleaning of fruit and vegetable containers

  • The megabin feet can be replaced if they develop wear and tear over the years of your production

Durable plastic vented Nally megabins will give you many years of robust farm produce storage

Produce Crates

  • Plastic

  • Stackable

  • Collapsible

  • Large or small

  • Variety of vented options

  • For harvesting

  • For storage and logistics

  • For clean containerisation

  • Range of colours fit for purpose

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