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O'Toole Produce & Plastics is a complementary business activity of O'Toole Produce, a fruit & vegetable wholesaler based in the Brisbane Produce Market, Queensland.

We are an agency and major wholesaler for Viscount Plastics (Australia), manufacturer of Nally MegaBins (food-safe quality) and various other plastic pallets, crates, bins and receptacles for bulk food handling and the workplace in general.


Supplying megabins and crates complements the services that our Wholesale Produce Merchant business provides to our valued suppliers and customers. Our experience and expertise in the transportation, warehousing and storage of produce is also available to our plastics sales customers who are  reliant upon an alliance of logistics and materials-handling knowledge, services and skills.


Nally Mega Bins are renowned in the Australian horticultural industry for their durability. They are manufactured in Australia to Australian standards and conditions. Likewise, the crates, containers and punnets are manufactured in Australia and meet the high standards of Australian food producers for food safety, ease of handling and transportation and storage.

We are very confident that we can quote you an extremely competitive price for the supply of these products.


Contact our sales staff for a winning price: 

Matt O'Toole  0429 100 800  

Tim  O'Toole  0429 100 700  


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